Wednesday, October 31, 2012

pumpkin adventures

I bought this pumpkin with the boys a few weeks ago while I was at a local farmer's market and Wyatt has been talking about it ever since. It's been sitting on our back porch and every time we open the blinds, he immediately points to it and declares, 
"It's MY pumpkin!!!"

"Good pumpkin."

We decided to wait until last minute to carve our little pumpkin, so that we could set him out in front of our door on Halloween...

Uh oh...Daddy's got a knife...
...must be some serious business...

"Pumpkin guts."

Logan enjoyed tasting the local fare.

Sorry for the craziness of this video :)

I asked Wyatt what kind of face we should put on his you want a happy face? A silly face? A scary face?


He takes after his father (and me too, I guess) and he's a bit of a pyromaniac...
...he kept lifting the lid to smell it, silly boy.

I told him to make a scary face, like his pumpkin, and this is what I got...
He does a good job, no?? Hahaha!


Keeping Maximus (Jeff's gnome) company...

Happy Halloween!!


Grace said...

I hope you realize that Wyatt doesn't like being messy because he's learned it from you haha

Merkley Jiating said...

The "good pumpkin" picture is so awesome! Why is he petting it?!

Sam and I have gone running together a few times. It isn't a real workout for him though. I go way too slow. I haven't worked out since we moved to ND. Sam just got a gym membership because it is too cold outside but none of the gyms here have day care so we figured it would be a waste of money for me to get a membership. I think I'll just get fat and then hide it under a coat.