Wednesday, October 10, 2012


My kitchen was a mess.
Logan was crying.
Wyatt was restless.

And...I needed a few minutes to myself.

I put Logan on this little car, HOPING it would keep him distracted...
...but it didn't work. And he kept crying as I left the room.

I started straightening up the messy kitchen, and soon I noticed Logan had stopped crying. Instinctively, I rushed to see what had happened, only to find Wyatt pushing his little brother around the room and down the hallway on the little car...all on his own.

It was the sweetest moment I've ever seen between the two of them. Wyatt was talking to Logan and they were both having a merry time together going around and around the house.
It's moments like these that make my heart full.
Full of love.
Full of gratitude.
Full of happiness.

I love my little darlings.

1 comment:

Andrea said...

i'm a hormonal mess....

but as i read this...

i'm sitting at my desk at work...

and i'm crying.

such sweetness.