Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Instagram purge

 The last month, as told by my instagram account:

Logan found these, and we all had fun being nerds.

I had a temple date with Noelle one morning...and I think it's about time for another one ;)

Grace is the best at making comfortable situations awkward...
Here she said it looked like Logan was naked and I was birthing him. Again.

I've been to my favorite place a lot lately...

The first day opening all the windows and doors was celebrated with coloring!

Logan cracks me up. Every day.

Sunday afternoon car ride...

Logan put that hat on all by himself...and we still can't figure out how or why he put it on backwards.

 I'm getting another niece! FINALLY!

 Logan has been sick a lot lately--mostly just runny noses and fevers. I blame teething (his canines AND two-year-old molars.)

I had a date to Target with Wyatt and Grace. It was scary.

Conference weekend--probably my favorite weekends of the whole year.

It's that time of year again...

I found this bulb kit on clearance at Target and it actually sprouted!

Dazed and glazed-over faces from just-woken babies are THE BEST.

I mustache you a question...heehee!

I make blueberry muffins, and the first thing they do is dig for the blueberries and gobble them up.

I'm pretty sure he looks just like his Grandpa Downs...

Wyatt cried because we made him get on it, and Logan cried because we made him get off. My children are crazy.

Don't you dare take me off this gorilla.

I love it when my children are pleasant.

IKEA date! Kids eat free!! Yay!

Jeff recently introduced me to the cheese crisp. And it's not that I've never seen or heard of one before, it just never appealed to me. And then Jeff made me try one.
My addiction has been downhill from there.

When they're not driving each other crazy, these guys are best friends.

Staring at ants. Throwing rocks. Attracting dirt.
It's what boys do.

Ahhhh, the german pancake--one of Jeff's favorites...

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