Thursday, October 24, 2013

Once upon a time I was the best wife ever.

A while back I thought it'd be fun to surprise Jeff with tickets to an Arizona Cardinals game.

So I looked into it.

And then I saw the prices.

And realized the games were on Sunday.

And then I convinced myself he really wouldn't like it.

Which, obviously, isn't the least bit true.

So I thought about it for a while, and thought about it some more, and tried to convince myself of a good reason to do it. And then I found it. My solution.

SANTA, of course!!
The one game of the season NOT on Sunday just happened to be a home game, so I couldn't pass it up. But spending the money on the tickets was another hard I figured I could pass it off as a Christmas gift from Santa. And since Santa can do whatever he wants, I concocted a letter from "Santa" with an explanation and the tickets, and left them on the table for Jeff to find. I wasn't home when he found them, and I guess I should have had a secret camera recording because Jeff said he went crazy.

Anyway, the game was a few weeks ago, and even though they lost, he said he had a good time...
(I bought him 2 tickets so that he could take someone, and his first choice was me, but I convinced him he'd have a better time with someone else, someone who would actually enjoy the experience. So he took his Dad, which I agreed would be much more logical, haha!) Merry Christmas!

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Andrea said...

First of all, yes you are the best wife ever. I'm not that nice...ha!

Second, HOLY COW--with that mustache on Wyatt he TOTALLY looks like his grandpa! whoa.