Friday, October 25, 2013

night games

 When I was little, I remember playing a game with my family in the dark.
If I remember correctly, it was when the electricity would go out.
My dad would sneak around the house, in the dark, and hide, waiting for us kids to come find him. When we'd get close he'd jump out and grab us, growl, and scare the daylights out of us. We'd run back to Mom who was the safe place, the place to gather our courage and do it all over again.
I still remember the adrenaline rush--my heart pounding, my eyes wide, searching for him. And then when he'd attack I'd scream with fear and run.
We must have been crazy.
But we loved it.

One stormy night a while back, I happened to recall those adventures and related them to Jeff, who thought it also sounded like fun. And since the electricity doesn't usually go out at our house (underground and all that, you know), he decided to turn out all the lights and play the game with our kids anyway.

They think it is the best game ever.

Dad is still the creepy one.
Mom is still the safe place.
And the kids still scream bloody murder.

We do it often now because Wyatt asks for it frequently. I take turns with Jeff sometimes being the one who hides, but I mostly like holding the boys when they come to me laughing and whispering, asking where Daddy is. 
Logan mostly stays close to me, but Wyatt is fearless...until he screams when Daddy grabs him.

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