Wednesday, October 30, 2013

pumpkin adventures, take two

Tonight has been a long-awaited night. Poor Wyatt has been DYING to finally carve our pumpkins...
These first few pictures are very reminiscent of last year's pumpkin carving, check it out:

Wyatt just really likes pumpkins, okay?? 
(And don't get me started on his costume. 
The kid wants it done NOW, and wishes he could wear it ALL. THE. TIME. 
He's even started confusing his birthday with Halloween, saying he's going to be so-and-so for his birthday, instead of it actually being his costume...)

I always let Jeff do the honors when it comes to gutting the pumpkins, heehee...

The boys joined in on the gutting too, but they wouldn't use their bare hands (unless of course, you wanted to taste it--which Logan also did last year...)

The boys were very disappointed that we wouldn't let them poke and stab our pumpkins... know, because poking and stabbing the pumpkin we specifically got for them would be no fun...
(and if you didn't catch that, I bought them a pumpkin to share, to do whatever they wanted to do with it, but instead Jeff ended up carving another scary face, at the request of Wyatt, again, because they didn't want to do anything but poke and stab our pumpkins.)

Still waiting on Daddy to finish his second pumpkin...

And in the meantime, the boys had a party!!

And I'm not even joking, these boys were so excited about having their jack-o-lanterns lit up, they started dancing.

Daddy finished, and lit the candles in his...
...can you guess what it might be??

We've got scary face, funny face and GO DEVILS!!

And while we were sitting on our front porch, enjoying our pumpkins, a kind neighbor whom we'd never met, who just happened to be taking a walk, detoured for a minute to our house and offered to take our family picture! It totally made my night, and I was so thankful for him!

Happy Halloween!!

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