Monday, October 21, 2013

Vertuccio Farms

 Fall is here, and I am relieved.
The weather has finally cooled down enough to escape outside during the day, and since ASU football leaves me with both boys and not much to do on most Saturday evenings, my mother-in-law suggested we do something fun this week!
(Or last week, rather...)
She had the other half of all the grandkids and decided to take us all out to the fall festival at Vertuccio Farms. Lucky for me, it's just down the street!
And silly me, I'd never been before! It was surprisingly enjoyable, and the kids all had a blast! There was a ton of things for them to do and see!

They had a corn maze too, but this hay bale maze was perfectly small for the smaller people :) there was a tire pyramid to play on!

Sitting still and smiling for a picture is not considered a priority of theirs...

Snack time! Hot dog anyone?

By the time we had gone down the slide a couple times, bounced on the pillow trampoline, walked around to visit the all animals, raced on the go-cart/bikes, and lost someone...
(don't worry, we found him)
...we were ready to be done.

But before we could leave, we had to give in to one more attraction:

Next year I won't be so hesitant to go!

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