Friday, August 6, 2010

my phone pictures.

I was going through the pictures on my phone and thought I'd share some of the more recent ones...

My siblings like to take my phone and take random pictures of Wyatt.

This happened a few weeks ago, and my toe is still recovering. At work, after 7pm, if you go outside you have to scan your badge on a badge scanner (?) before you come in to unlock the doors. My problem is, I can never remember which of the two doors actually unlocks...and it's timed, so if you don't open the right door on the first try, you might have to go back and rescan your badge. ANYWAY, this time I decided to open both doors and save myself the only problem was that I forgot to move my foot out of the way of the door that did I ran the door over my big toe and totally crushed it. It was excruciating, but I just smiled past the security guard and kept walking like everything was fine. I went into the bathroom to find my shoe drenched in blood, with my toenail cracked halfway down to the nailbed...and by that, I mean cracked horizonally, as in the whole upper half of my toenail was going to fall off.
And I had just painted my toenails. Dang.

This was a picture that I sent to Jeff because I was so irritated. I was in my car, had just backed out of my garage, and wanted to pull out of the driveway, when I see this DUMB moving truck blocking the entrance. REALLY people?? They could have pulled forward or stayed back, because there was plenty of room in either direction, but no...let's make sure NO ONE leaves. (*this driveway is shared by 5 other houses, so I'm not the only one this dumb truck was blocking.)

Here's a rare shot of Wyatt actually sleeping...he likes to stay up with Mom and only pretend to sleep if he has to.

These next few are of Wyatt using the blinds cord knob as a binky. He found that all on his own and thought it was genious.

Jeff really is paying attention to the road. And we're both wearing our seatbelts...

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danielle said...

I may have moved to Rhode Island, but we are still the same person. I have cracked my middle fingernail horizontally this week. I read this and missed you.