Sunday, August 1, 2010

It's so sad to see them go...

This last week we had family from Holland visit and stay at my parents house. We only get to see them when they come on vacation to the states, which only happens RARELY. The last time I saw them was over 3 years ago before Jeff and I were married and before that it was in 2004, and then before that I think it was when we went to visit them when I was 10. Yeah. So it's a pretty huge occasion when they're here and we like to spend most every moment enjoying each others' company. Thankfully I was able to get off work this last week and see them the WHOLE time! It was wonderful! Especially since their visit coinsided with Tim's return!

(*side note: my dad has 8 other brothers and sisters, but we only see this family most of the time because they are the only ones who really come to the US to visit...which means that I haven't seen or met half of my cousins in the Netherlands because they have been born since I went back in's depressing.)

Anyway, they left today, and it was a very teary event. It always pulls at my heartstrings when I have to see them go...the next time I'll see them, they'll each be much older and will have changed AGAIN. I always envy other families who have relatives close by and get to participate in family events and grow up as friends. Haha, it always makes me laugh when we have to 'reunite' and become reaquainted with each other--it's very awkward and almost tense. But thankfully that never lasts and by the end it's like we'd always been together. I love them SO MUCH.

Until next time, we love you!!

Crazy Dutch.


Curtis and Dani Welton said...

I know my cousins aren't nearly as far away (Utah), but I always envied people who grow up with their cousins too. Curtis was lucky enough to have a lot of family right in town.

Merkley Jiating said...

So fun that they were able to come visit! That is amazing that they come so far to see you guys! We can't even get people to come to Ithaca!