Saturday, March 5, 2011

Don't try this at home. Well...okay, try.

On rare occasion I can convince Jeff to take a picture with me.
 And somtimes (okay, okay...most of the time) I can't take just one. I usually have to capture 5 or 6 shots before I'm satisfied there will be a good one within the bunch.
 My only problem is Jeff's attention span. Not only is he COMPLETELY bored by the second shot, but he'll complain the WHOLE time, and try to tell me I look beautiful no matter what (which obviously is his scheme to get me to get me to stop the torture). So, in result of my forcing him to stand next to me a few more thousand nano-seconds, he finds his own a way to amuse himself...which is, to drive me nuts.
 The pictures will be going great, and then all of a sudden I'll see huge, flared nostrils...not a good sign...
 ...but obviously I don't care that much, because I always like to join in...

We know we're dang good-lookin'
No need for flattery :)


Kylee. said...

Bahaha. that is so funny. cute couple :)

Perla Maria said...

This post was very funny.
Oh and my husband is the same way.
Except for by the time we take one picture he is done and gets mad if I force him to take some more.
I absolutely loved this post :)