Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Dress Up Part 3

And this is it.

The last part in my 3-part series.

This is, again, one of Grace's brilliant which we embarrassed ourselves conspiculously, laughed quite enormously, and the next day...I was sore tremendously.

Seriously. This is who we are.

fake out...

There aren't many of Emma because the poor lass was feeling ill...but she did enjoy our plethora of goofy faces and accidental injuries.

I love these girls.

Until next time, Grace and Emma...

...I'll be recovering from my sore butt.


Kylee. said...

hahaha those are so funny! what a great photographer. you guys got some pretty cool shots. I love the one where you and Grace are jumping angrily at the camera.

Curtis and Dani Welton said...

You guys are so crazy, I love it!

Merkley Jiating said...

Oh my gosh. I think I would say I'm feeling sick too if you tried to dress me like that! Haha, you guys are so adorable.