Friday, March 25, 2011

His father's child

I have always been an ice in, I'm constantly in a state of cold. Even during the summertime I like to sleep with a blanket.

Jeff on the other hand is ALWAYS hot, always sweating. In the wintertime he has been known to turn on the AC in my car, and turn the fans on in our home.

Wyatt has inherited Jeff's genes.

Exhibit A: Wyatt will wake up in the morning with frozen limbs. AND HE DOESN'T CARE. And I know he doesn't care because I've seen him push the blankets off...and then he wakes up in the morning with a smile.
Exhibit B: Wyatt sweats...a lot. For the ten minutes that I hold him while putting him to sleep he will have drenched my arm in sweat. And that's with NO blankie.
Exhibit C: Wyatt likes to play in the dog's water bucket at Opa's March...on the cement...naked. (That's after he ran through the sprinklers and got his clothes all wet.)

(This was just funny because my dad had a piece of leftover bread and both Wyatt and the dog were taking turns sharing)

Yes. Yes he is his father's child.

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Emma said...

HAHAHAHAAHA! this made me bust out laughing:)
i have the cutest nephew ever....