Tuesday, July 10, 2012

in the year two-thousand and twelve, the date being July fourth...

Okay, actually, it really wasn't the 4th of July...
...it was the weekend before.

I don't know about you, but I always think it's weird when a holiday lands during the middle of the week...it seems so...unnatural
I, personally, need a whole weekend to celebrate such things.

Nonetheless, we (the Downs') couldn't, wouldn't, break our annual tradition of camping and attending the Taylor Rodeo! And because the 4th of July decided to be so odd, we got to see fireworks the Saturday before! 
And we loved it, of course!!

We all trickled into the campsite day by day...Grandma, Grandpa, Jeff and Meaghan all went up Thursday night, I came up with the boys Friday noon-ish, Matt and Jacob arrived Friday night, and Lukas got there Saturday morning...whew!
We all got to spend time hanging out (literally) and relaxing with each other. The weather was PERFECT, and I'm always happy to leave the triple digits. We had so much fun, and I can't wait until next year. It's always a blast!

This is pretty much a conglomeration of our trip...
...annnnnd, I kinda took a ga-jillion pictures, hehe.

Chillin in the hammock!
(a lifesaver, by the way, and put more than one baby to sleep!)

We took a trip out on the lake in the canoe as soon as I got there! Grandma and Grandpa watched the kiddos so I could have a break!

I must be lucky or something because I got to sit in the middle while Meaghan and Jeff paddled!
(I did take a turn on our way back though...)

We pulled over, and climbed ashore to see the Eagle Watch...oh, and eaglet too...
(see that protruding log out of the lake?? Jeff wouldn't let me climb it.)

Exploring the forest.
...but mostly the ferns.

See?? Sleeping baby! It's magic!

On our way to the Taylor Rodeo and someone just woke up! Good thing he's happy!!

And aren't we precious in our matchy, patriotic shirts?
In the stands, waiting for the show to start...

Logan makes the best pouty faces! Haha!

Grandma's arms are the comfiest...

...couldn't stay asleep for long though! Don't want to miss the fireworks!

Cranky babies from the night before, plus an early wake-up call, equals TIRED MOMMA.

How did you get out of the tent in your jammies?!

Daddy let you, hmmm? Big surprise there.

...you better run away.

snapshot of our campsite.

This is to all you out there who don't believe I let my child play in the dirt.

I did give him baths though. In a tub. That he had to stand up in. Because it was actually meant for doing the dishes.
He liked it. And I LOVED it. Because he was clean.

I wanted to go on another canoe trip...so I recruited these mountain men to do the labor.

Oh, and remember that log Jeff wouldn't let me climb?? Well, Lukas is more adventurous so we outvoted Jeff and had some fun.

...but then they outvoted me, and tried to get stuck in the narrowing stream.
Good job, guys.

Then we went ashore and explored some more...
...like this interesting "lean-to."
Although, I'm more inclined to call it "failed attempt at lean-to" or "pile of sticks."
But whatever.

There was also much of this...
 ...and this going on...
 ...but mostly this...
 ...that is, to pick up very large rocks and toss them at me while I'm not paying attention because I'm taking their pictures. 
And yes, I did end up wet.
...more than once.
Because I didn't catch on very well to their sneaky and conniving ways.

Again. Dirty child. It happens.
(But only when we're camping...)

We had so much fun. 
You should be jealous.

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Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

LOL I love that you keep Wyatt so clean. ;-)