Wednesday, July 11, 2012

recent developments.

So, originally, I was just going to mention Logan's new habit, but then I realized it would debut his new haircut as well, without me doing a proper before/after.

SO, although I don't have the actual cutting-of-the-hair pictures yet (they're on my dad's camera), I figured I might as well just show it off now :)

It was really hard for me to decide to cut his hair, but I felt bad that people kept calling him a girl (which I still don't understand--he's never worn a smidgeon of pink/purple/flowers/bows/butterflies/ruffles/lace). Looking back now at his hair, I realize it was a little crazy, but even still, I miss it. He's still super handsome, but now he's not so much my baby anymore, but a little boy.

So here are some before shots:

And here's the after result!

His new habit, if you can't tell, has been his practice of getting up on his hands and knees! And just yesterday, he started rocking back and forth! The kid is only 5-and-a-half months old! He can't even sit up well yet!! He can't start CRAWLING already! Gah! Wyatt wasn't crawling until 9 months or something ridiculous like that.
Logan, Logan, Logan...stop growing up so fast!

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