Friday, July 13, 2012

Utah vacation, part {one}

As soon as we got home from our 4th of July camping trip, I had to hurry and wash our clothes and pack for our trip to Utah/Idaho.
We got back from camping on Sunday, late afternoon.
We left for Utah Monday morning at 3am.

It was a little crazy.
And in the chaos, I forgot to bring my camera. It was the NUMBER ONE thing on my list, and I crossed it off before I put it in my bag...I was meaning to, of course, but somehow I got distracted and forgot to pick it up.
 And that's the story of my life.

Thankfully my dad remembered his camera, and although there isn't a picture for everything, we captured some pretty memorable moments. I was actually kind of happy that I didn't bring my camera because it gave me a chance to enjoy everything thoroughly...sometimes I feel like I get too worried about documenting everything, and instead of focusing on the moment, I try to find the photo-ops and end up missing out on what's really happening.


ANYWAY, I did happen to have my camera phone, so I took a few snapshots along the way...

The initial drive up was an exhausting 16 hour drive, but surprisingly, the boys did well. I was sitting in the back with one boy on each side of me, so that probably helped maintain their happiness...I was completely devoted to their every need, lucky ducks. 
(Oh, and our little posse consisted of me, the boys, my dad, and my brother Ben. Jeff couldn't get out of work, Emma had summer school, and my mom had to help with a wedding.)
 This was on the drive up, pre-haircut

All I had to do (every time except once) to put Logan to sleep was to cover him up with this blanket:

Post haircut, on our way to the North Shore of Bear Lake!

another Idaho.

Wyatt is my cuddle-lover.

Hanging out at Grace's apartment

And MORE THAN ONCE, this kid decided to have a blowout during our many long drives.

Playing games in the back peek-a-boo.

At Target...because I pretty much live there.

This bean bag was HUGE. Logan loved it, except for when he'd get lost in it...

We only spent a week up there, and it was JAM-PACKED.

Our full itinerary is as follows:
(if you care to know)

Monday: We left at 3am. Drove to Bear Lake in 16 hours in the truck. Stopped in Kingman, a scenic view-point near Hoover Dam, St. George, Nephi, and Layton before arriving at Bear Lake.
Tuesday: We were on the lake ALL day. My aunt's family have water-toys, so we were able to go boating/tubing, and ride the wave-runner. If you haven't been to Bear Lake, it's the ABSOLUTE BEST. The air was warm, and the water was COLD. It's crystal blue, and you can always see your feet, even when you're out deep. It also stays shallow for a REALLY long time, and has the best sandbars. Wyatt LOVED it because there were rocks everywhere. Logan did well too, and really enjoyed his new experience with sand. Both boys rode on the boat too--Wyatt thought it was amazing, and Logan didn't care either way, and actually fell asleep. I'm the only one who got sunburned, but only on my white, never-seen-the-sun thighs. Logan also got his haircut that night.
Wednesday: We went back to the lake and did the same stuff we had the day before. It never got old. We left a few hours earlier than everyone else to make the 3 hour drive to Rexburg, Idaho to stay at Grace and James's apartment. That night, being Independence Day, we searched for somewhere to eat and the only place that was open (other than the regurlar fast food places) was a Chinese turned out to be delicious, and because it was an hour before closing, we had the place to ourselves.
Thursday: Grandma and Grandpa joined us that morning and we were surprised by the rainy 66 degree weather. We went bowling, rode a carousel, and went back to the apartment to watch movies. We also walked to get us some ice cream later that evening, and played on a playground on our way back.
Friday: We packed up everything from Grace's apartment and made the two-and-a-half hour drive back to Grandma's house. We stopped at Pepperidge Farm on the way down, but were disappointed by their lack of inventory. We also stopped in Smithfield and played at Mac Park, and shopped around at the Smithfield Imp. I found a few fun things, of course :) Grandma then joined us by herself and we stopped at the Golden Corral for lunch/dinner, as tradition would have us do. Once we finally reached Roy/Kaysville, and after I put the boys to bed, Grace and I went to see Brave, while James, Dad, and Ben saw the new Spiderman. Both got good reviews.
Saturday: We mostly tried to recover by doing nothing, especially since the next day we'd be making our drive back to Arizona. We had German pancakes at Grandma's house, and then my Dad and Wyatt got haircuts from Grace, while Ben and James helped with yardwork. Then my dad and I went shopping for dinner (which involved a few detours around a city we weren't familiar with), and I made spaghetti with super-duper garlic bread (we put about 10 cloves on 2 loaves of french was so good.) All our in-town family joined us, and then we all played card games late into the night.
Sunday: We all said our teary good-byes and left around 7am. I don't remember all the stops because I was exhausted. We got back home, with a breakfast dinner waiting for us, around 7pm...and then it was over.

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