Tuesday, July 17, 2012

THE Bear Lake

My dad only caught pictures from the first boat ride of the first day, but it pretty much encapsulates our whole experience :)

Logan was taking his first nap of the day in the pack-n-play under the gazebo, which was very convenient for me! My grandparents were also there to take care of him if he did happen to wake up (which he did).

Wyatt rode the wave-runner with Cody, and kept saying "Beep, beep!!"

About to start the madness!!
James, me, Grace and cousin Sydnee

My aunt JaLynn purposely tries to fling us off the tubes...but I guess it wouldn't be as much fun any other way! It's a workout trying to stay on those things!!
Obviously, we fell off...numerous times.

The boys take a turn!!

My cousins have this technique of tube jumping...holding onto one of the smaller tubes and then switching places with that person...it's definitely an adrenaline rush! I got many battle wounds I didn't notice under after I got back on shore...

I can't wait until we go again! Hopefully Jeff will be able to go, he was super depressed he missed out...

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Anonymous said...

I'm with Jeff! That might have to be a new tradition, Bear Lake and on the way back, Cache Valley:
-Mac Park
-Pepperidge Farm
-USU Ice Cream
-Bread Store