Sunday, July 15, 2012

my LOVE for the color yellow

Is it really weird that I remember the moment when I decided yellow was my favorite color?

I was in 2nd grade (I know because I can see the classroom and my teacher) and we were doing some art project, something like a self-portrait, and we had to include a list of things about ourselves--name, age, favorite color...

...I distinctly recall having this internal struggle about what my favorite color was, knowing it constantly changed from week to week. I think I remember thinking that EVERY girl liked pink or purple, and that the defiant ones liked blue. And I remember thinking I wanted to be different. 
And then I decided I really liked yellow. And it's been that way ever since.

WELL, recently, I've added a few things to my "yellow" collection:

While at the Smithfield Imp, I stumbled upon this set of glass containers. I immediately knew I wanted to put pasta in them, and that it would match the rest of the yellow I had in my kitchen perfectly. It turned out fabulous.

Joann's was having a sale on their florals a few weeks ago, and my mom had an additional coupon that gave me this wreath for almost nothing...I love a good deal!

I'm usually not a big fan of wearing yellow, only because I feel like it washes me out, but for some reason I was drawn to this dress, and I LOVE it.

the end.

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