Monday, September 27, 2010

10 months

I'm a bit late with this post.

Oh well.

So first off, let's talk about teeth:
(Sorry about the graphic nature of this picture...poor kid doesn't like to have his teeth looked he has HUGE lips, so I have to curl them way down to even get a glimpse of the suckers...)

Within the last 3 weeks Wyatt has magically sprouted 3 teeth, with another 2+ on the way. He has his bottom 2 and one of his front's absolutely crazy how they're all coming in at once. He's been pretty good with it, other than he has sore gums. He's not fussy more than ususal, thankfully, except when anyone tries to take a peek at his pearly whites. He does like to touch them and he bites on his lower lip more now too...

He's a really happy kid. And...he likes to laugh a lot. Like...A LOT:

Gotta love him!!

He also has an obsession with these yellow bottles (it's his lotion and hair lotion) and his bum-wipe box...
...and his other obsession would be knocking everything and anything that can be knocked over...knocked over. So anytime I'm building up the blocks or stacking legos it's immediately put in it's place and destroyed.

Wyatt is also learning how to be obedient. Here we have him staring at the loving shelves that contain all manner of stacked items in neat little rows. I have diapers, and binkies and lotions and so many fun things on these shelves. Unfortunatley, it's off-limits to little wrecking hands.
And Wyatt doesn't like this very much.
But he is learning.
(I've just told him 'no, we can't play with that...' and he started crying. But he didn't play with it. He eventually crawled over to me and we played with something else)

He's also mastered the pincer grip!! So now he can grab things with his thumb and's so cute to watch his little fingers work!

And of course, he's just as cute as can be! He's getting so big, and is going to turn 1 in less than two months...WHAT?! Let's freak out.
I love him so much and it's been WONDERFUL to be a mother. It still feels like yesterday that he was born, totally inmobile and helpless...and now he's this big chunker that makes me laugh all day long. There's no going back...which makes me sad and happy...but...he'll always be my baby, right?

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Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

He has a great smile and laugh. It's nuts that he is so big and learning so much. Soon he can sit on the couch and hold my baby. Wow.