Thursday, September 30, 2010

The park

I fail at taking Wyatt outside. I think if we had more of a backyard I would be better, but that, and because it's SO HOT outside, makes it hard to take Wyatt out just to play.

Well, I decided it's time to change that habit. Now that it's more cool in the evenings I think I want to try taking him to some parks around our area. Yesterday we took him to Discovery Park. It's more for older children and oriented towards playing sports. There really wasn't any playground, but there were ducks!!

Wyatt tried the swings for the first time...he was a little nervous.

He also tried rock climbing with Daddy...
...and he liked that much better.

Fun, fun!

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Celeste said...

Oh that looks like so much fun! The park is a great idea, I should take Adria there. Wyatt is adorable! He is getting so big. Yea for teeth!...Adria just got her first and second tooth in the past week.