Monday, September 6, 2010

Six Flags trip of radical awesomeness.

Alright, to start off, let me put this disclaimer that this post has an *OVERLOAD* of pictures. And because it was baby-free there are A LOT of me and Jeff was kind of awkward to put them all up, but I figured because being together as a couple the whole weekend was the POINT, I'd get over it and share. Oh, and although this seems long, it's mostly just an overview...and so it might not flow very well as a story...sorry. Oh, and you might want to click on the pictures to enlarge them, because some of them are HILARIOUS.


On to the vacation...

So originally this trip was supposed to be about taking Tim, who just returned from his mission, on a mini-vacation--sponsored by my little sister. Instead, it turned out to be a mini vacation..for the whole family :) The only ones who didn't go were my mom and littlest brother who don't much care for roller-coasters...which brings me to the next topic--we went to Six Flags!! I had never been and was super excited to go because, well, I LOVE roller-coasters! So we all left for California Friday afternoon and arrived in Oceanside around midnight. We were staying at Amy's family's home (Amy is Tim's...significant other, haha).

Day ONE:

Saturday morning we woke up, got ready and started the 2 hour drive to LA...

This is right before we was wonderfully chilly and very foggy!
We arrived at Six Flags around 10am...
Group shot! We have, from left to right: me, Jeff, Courtney (Grace's friend), Grace, Amy, Tim, my Dad, and Emma
It wasn't too busy and we were able to ride most of the roller-coasters without more than a 5-10 minute was awesome.
For lunch we exited the park and walked to a grassy, shaded area and ate the lunch we brought...
(Cutest couple)
...and then we went back in to the park and rode more roller-coasters!

Tim was pretending to be a model...while holding his spear of straws he kept throwing at me...
This picture was taken after I'd ridden 'Scream' twice...I wasn't feeling too well, so I'm faking the smile.
Dad and Jeff waiting for someone to get off a ride...
All in all Six Flags was pretty much AWESOME. By unanimous decision X-2 was our favorite by far. It was the very last ride we went on and it was about 8pm, which added to the scary factor. The only downside to the ride...


That's right ladies and gentlemen...on the VERY LAST RIDE OF THE NIGHT, on our way out to the parking lot, Jeff realized he lost his keys. And mine were in my purse locked in the trunk of our car. FAIL. FailfailfailfailfailfailEPICfail.

So anyway...long story short, we went to the sherrif's office on site, had security come and try to jimmy the lock, he failed, Jeff went back to the park, filed a lost report, stayed until midnight to see if they could find the keys after the park closed, meanwhile we called around for a good-priced locksmith, found one, he came out, opened the door in 12 seconds, was gone in 5 minutes, we left Jeff and went to dinner, picked Jeff up at 12am, AND THEN made the 2 hour drive back to Oceanside.

Again, FAIL.

Here's Emma lounging in the trunk of the other car...


...after waking up at noon...
...we went to the beach in Oceanside!!

The water was absolutely FREEZING. Thankfully, after we went numb we had a nice burning sensation that counteracted the shivering, haha. It was a blast to play in the ocean waves.

A family tradition that we have, any time we go to the beach, is to bury a boy in the sand and sculp him into a mermaid. This time though, ALL the boys wanted in. So we made a 3-headed mermaid. Yes, a merMAID.

(It's ridiculous that the Arizonans, who see TONS of sun, are blaring white.)
Beautiful, aren't they???
Seaweed in the hair, and all...


So the last day, the day we went home, we decided to do some shopping and check out the pier and harbor in Oceanside. We originally had wanted to go back to the beach and lay out to try to tan out pasty bodies, but it turned out overcast, windy, freezing weather isn't so good for that...

So shopping it was.

The girls:
The sisters standing on the pier (people would walk by us with sweatshirts and jeans and look at us like we were crazy...but again, after you got over the numbness of the cold, it didn't matter!!)
Jeff and I!
Towards noon the fog cleared and the sun came out...then I was glad I was dressed so lightly because it felt SO GOOD!!

We stopped by the Harbor and had lunch at a restaurant for fish and was DELICIOUS! Seriously the best I've ever had.
...and of course, you can't forget to have dessert!
On our way home, because it was during the day, I could finally see the San Diego temple! It's one of my favorites...

This was a much-needed getaway vacation, and thankfully Jeff and I have wonderful parents to help us out with that! Both Jeff's mom and dad, and my mom were able to split taking Wyatt this weekend to allow us this trip together. We are so thankful for their willingness to help. We missed seeing Wyatt everyday (and Jeff was sure to keep tabs on what was going on back home) but we truly enjoyed this little break from parenting. It was bliss. Now that we're back we only have a few more days until we head back out to California with Jeff's family for another vacation! How lucky can we be?!

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Shannon said...

I can't believe you had never been to 6-flags! I love it!

Looks like you guys had alot fun...and your bathing suit is soooo cute!

Jeff losing his keys seem to be a never ending thing, although my brother had the same thing happen to him. But he didn't have money to call a locksmith. Sooo my parents drove up in the middle of the night, they were not to happy...