Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Raspberries for entertainment?

Ohhhh yesssss.

Jeff and I were trying to make dinner together, which is hard since I'm gone most weeknights and when I AM home, I have this guy to watch after. Anyway, he'd just eaten and I knew that if I put him down he'd crawl off to somewhere I couldn't see and make mischief. So I figured I could leave him in his highchair and let him munch on a dessert...and I found some raspberries. Awesome idea right? Well, sort of. He liked them and they were perfect finger food, buuuuuut...they were SO messy. Which I should have known, but hey...we got it all cleaned up eventually.


Merkley Jiating said...

Raspberries ARE messy but they are so delicious. Alex loves blueberries. Over the summer we went and picked some and then let him eat as many as he wanted. Big mistake. His poop was SICK!

Thanks for calling me the Energizer Bunny but I feel like Alex is the Energizer Bunny and I am all out of batteries.

Andrea said...

thanks tickle queen!
it was quite the accomplishment. lol

i would LOVE to be your updo go to. :) and your sisters as well.

why dont we ever see each other?? its sad. lets fix that. pronto. :)