Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Pageant!

I love the Easter Pageant because it's such a simple, yet beautiful portrayal of Christ's life, death and resurrection.
I can't remember if we went last year (I'm thinking not though because Logan would have only been a few months old) but I always feel a little regret whenever I don't I'm taking it for granted.
 So even though Jeff didn't feel like going (he'd had a rough week and was really tired) I offered to take Wyatt and leave Logan with him...which he agreed to :)

This was on Friday night, the second to last performance...and it was PACKED. Jeff got there a little over two hours early to save a spot and was only able to find a small patch available 
(thankfully, it was still a good location)
I had texted my mom earlier to see if she wanted to join Wyatt and I (knowing my sister and brother had probably already seen it for mutual) and she had said yes. She then also texted Tim and Amy to see if they wanted to come, and found out they were already planning on going...the funniest part about that situation though, was that their friend was saving a spot for them, and just happened to be right next to us. Not even joking. The very next spot over, touching our blanket, was theirs. It was so funny and surprising.

So, being 2 hours early, we brought dinner and lots of snacks...
...Wyatt had fun eating 2 dinners (the one I brought, and then when Tim and Amy came, some of their pizza as well)

being the goofsters that we are:

Wyatt also passed the time sitting with Uncle Tim, and playing on his phone...
(that was after we went to the Visitor's Center and saw the Christus...Wyatt was amazed and was excited to see "Jesus Christ Amen," which is his name for Jesus)

Wyatt has been to the Easter Pageant before, but this was his first time staying awake and watching the whole thing. He did really well (for the most part) and was asking lots of questions and wanted to know where Jesus Christ was at all times. When it was showing Jesus' birth, I told him about how Jesus was a baby to which he replied,
"Like baby Eli! He's at Gracie's house."
He also liked to point out anything his little mind recognized ("Fire" for the torches, "People" for the multitudes, ect)
During the crucifixion of Christ, Wyatt was especially interested and wanted to know what was happening. He could tell something was wrong, and I made the mistake of saying that Jesus Christ was in trouble--but instead of understanding it as "Jesus is in trouble, he needs help," Wyatt took it as "Jesus is naughty? He needs a spanking!"
I quickly re-explained the situation and got him to understand that there were bad guys who were hurting Jesus and that Jesus was never naughty. It was hard to explain it all and have him understand, but by the end he knew enough that Jesus had died, but that he lives now. It was a really fun experience with him.

(Opa and Emma came later, once Emma got off work)

I'm so thankful for the opportunity I have to go see the Easter's a perfect reminder of the sacrifice Christ made for us through the Atonement and I'm truly grateful for the chance to live again with my Savior one day...
I hope you all a wonderful Easter :)

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