Saturday, April 27, 2013

when did we become so old??

When you get married, just as you inherit a new family, you also inherit new friends. I was lucky enough to join an awesome group of people through Jeff's friendships with them.
The craziest part of this picture, to me, is that when Jeff and I were first married, it was only Jesse and Curtis (and Jeremy). They then met and married their spouses, and we've all had children, and our group has grown. Jeni (who is not pictured) just became engaged, and so our group will expand again...
...sadly though, we'll soon be saying goodbye to Jesse and Stacie and their family, as he has gotten a new job in California. We are so happy for them and are excited for an extra excuse to see the beach, but we are also completely heartbroken. Especially Jeff. 
(Although I'm not sure he'd use that exact terminology...but then again, maybe he would, haha)
I'm so thankful for best friends and for lifelong friendships.
Good luck Jesse and Stacie, we'll miss you!

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