Wednesday, April 3, 2013

{Easter 2013}

Easter started very early for us, but you won't get to see any of that because my camera died right after this picture! fact, it still hasn't recovered and is currently in a coma.
(I say "coma" instead of "dead" because I don't know yet if there is a way I might fix it...I'm trying to be hopeful, but it seems like cameras die on me more often than not ::sad face::)

So anyway, I got one shot of our Easter baskets, but nothing of the hidden eggs, or the overjoyed expressions on my babies' faces...just know they were all thrilled (including Jeff, who wasn't expecting anything...which also means I bought my own Easter gift, but I'm okay with that, heehee!)

So after rushing to get ready for 9 o'clock church (and prepping the beef brisket for lunch) we headed to my parent's ward where we enjoyed our meetings. Jeff was pulled into primary to sub in Wyatt's sunbeam class (which I was grateful for--it meant an easier transition for Wyatt) and my dad took Logan during the second hour and put him to sleep. It was quite heavenly to actually listen to the lessons :)

After church, and as tradition dictates, we took a few family Easter pictures (the matchy-matchy was purely incidental, except for the boys of course...Jeff and I had no idea we were matching our kids and each other until we walked out the door...)

...and as soon as the pictures were done, the clothes came off...
(the boys' clothes, I mean...)

...oh, and Logan is walking! FINALLY.

mountain man.

After our lunch, we had our first family Easter egg hunt!
It was really fun, especially since all of us got to participate (not just the babies).
Each family (Jeff and I, Tim and Amy, and my parents...which really just equates to me, Amy and my mom) were responsible for filling 12 eggs, and then my parent's hid them around the backyard. And to make it fair, we ruled everything below the hip for the little children.
I, unknowingly, went the opposite direction from everyone else and found the most eggs because of it, haha! Winner!

And what exactly were the eggs filled with?? 
Only the BEST goodies, of course, tempting even the big boys to join in--Godiva chocolates, money, dark chocolate covered almonds, jelly-bellies...

..the little boys had fun too, especially when someone dropped an egg and Logan went crazy on the jelly beans...

We also celebrated my dad's birthday at this little shindig...
...he's turning the big 58.

Happy Birthday, old man!! We love you!
(and look at that photo-bomb!! Good thing they're cute!)

...and after an exhausting, full day, without any naps, the boys promptly fell asleep as soon as we got in the car to go home...

I love Easter.

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