Tuesday, April 9, 2013

ohhhh, you know.

So remember when my camera was in a coma?
And I wasn't able to take pictures?
Well, I fixed it!! 
(and that was right after I emailed Nikon for technical support...)

Unfortunately though I haven't been put back in the picture-taking mood...plus not much has been going on anyway...
...so while I figure out how to fix this funk, enjoy a few snapshots from the past few weeks!

Guess who's officially walking???


handsome little man...

...and handsome little men!
(in their matching jammies from great-grandma!)

taking advantage of the warm-ish weather...

sharing and reading books together

We have lots of toy story toys, but not as many as the Porkchop family

mmmmm...berry smoooooothies....

Makin' breakfast and...a double yoke?!

me and my hunny...watching conference...without the kids...
(it's 1000x easier while they're napping, heehee)

See you later!!

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