Tuesday, April 16, 2013

the bestie.

Guess who finally flew down to see me after TWO  years of not seeing each other?!!
That's right, the bestie.
(Okay, maybe she didn't fly down just for me...and maybe it wasn't for me at all, but I'm pretending that besides surprising her mother for her birthday, I was the next best reason for her visit ☺)

Her "surprise" visit had been marked all over my calendar for 2 months and I was so excited to see her! I knew it wouldn't be for very long since she'd only flew in for the weekend and was pretty much booked the whole time...but we managed to squeeze in a few hours one late night...just like old times, haha!

I totally miss this girl. And I'm so sad she live a bajillion miles away. There is hope for the future (I'm hoping for California since she "refuses" to come back to the valley) but until then I guess our get-togethers will be few and far between...
Thanks for coming down, MDL...I love you.

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Danielle DeSantis said...

Oh no! Now you have publicly declared your love for me. What will people say!