Sunday, January 27, 2013

we'll never grow up.

The girls and I have been planning this weekend to Overgaard for a very long time.
It's been rescheduled multiple times, cancelled once, and negotiated all over the place.

BUT...we did it!!

And even though it didn't end up exactly as we planned (read that, when we finally arrived that night and turned on the water, we realized a pipe had burst, and water was pouring from the we didn't have running water the entire weekend) we still had so much fun.

It was nice to stay up late talking, to not worry about our lovely children, to play games and make crafts, to be silly and spend time with each other, to enjoy the rainy, cold weather... was a great weekend with my best friends.

{our craft was to make yarn wreaths}
They all turned out SO cute, and we were all SO happy with them. Unfortunately this picture isn't the greatest, so I'll have to borrow one from Noelle's camera sometime...

{we're really just children}

{no, really, we'll never grow up. Obviously.}
I promise these aren't the most embarrassing pictures that were taken.
...and really, these were just a tribute to the olden days when we played dress-up for real in these clothes...I guess the only difference now is that they actually fit us, haha!

 ahhh, so many memories ;)

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Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

It was a really awesome weekend. I'm so happy we finally made it up there and also that this is darn well going to become a tradition. Minus the frozen pipes.

Yay Girls Weekend!