Tuesday, January 1, 2013

out with the old, and in with the new

Happy New Year!! 

Per tradition of the Van Capelle family, we had fondue with everyone and enjoyed the presence of my grandparents this year. It was delicious...just like it always is.
My dad also purchased some fireworks this year, and we all had a wild time outside, freezing to death, but wild and crazy all the same.
 (I'll have to try and obtain some pictures/videos of our adventures because we were ridiculous.)


This last year has FLOWN by! I'm a little embarrassed by my own emotional response to the fact that 2012 is over, that these memories have ended, but it was really such a good year for us.
We have been incredibly blessed.
I know I'm not always the best at being grateful or optimistic, but when I step back and look honestly in on my life and the true fortune I've been given, I can't believe how I could have ever took anything for granted.
My life is brimming with happiness...

I mean, just take a look at these two darlings...


When looking back at the past year, I am amazed.
Here are a few of my favorite highlights from this year:
  • I gave birth to our second child, Logan Peter Downs!
  • We bought a new (used) car to compensate our growing family, and we LOVE it...annnnd it's almost accrued over 20,000 miles already...
  • Jeff graduated with his Bachelor's Degree!!! (It's been fairly recent...as in, within the last month...)
  • We went to DISNEYLAND with the boys!! AND they got to experience the ocean (in Logan's case, for the first time)
  • Wyatt celebrated his 3rd birthday, Jeff celebrated his 27th birthday, and I celebrated my 24th birthday
  • I chopped off 13 inches of my hair
  • Jeff and I celebrated our 5 year anniversary!
  • Wyatt started talking for real...like, actual sentences!! Although sometimes it's still hard to decipher him...it's a work in progress ;)
  • I gained another nephew (Houston) and found out I'll be getting another one in 2013!
  • We took so many trips with our families: camping, to Overgaard, California, Utah, Idaho...
Happy New Year! 
And here's to 2013 being even better!

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