Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Be proud.

Since becoming a mother, I have discovered the importance of time.
Not only do I NOT have the time to do all the chores around the house, but I also do not have time for myself.

I do not have time to do my hair.

I do not have time to do my makeup.

I do not have time, in general, to do anything to improve my looks.

In the past, I would have been MORTIFIED to leave the house without looking perfect. It used to take me an hour and a half to get myself ready, which included straightening my hair every day, and then styling it, and putting on my makeup. And now...well now I don't care so much.

And since I do not have any time left, I have learned a few tips to help me look decent in public, in which I am going to share.

1. FOR MY HAIR: I hate my hair. I mean, I love it, but I hate it. It can't decide to be straight or wavy, flat or voluminous, and either way, it NEVER cooperates. In result, my hair usually resides on top of my head in a messy ponytail/bun. It takes me 5 minutes to do. To dress it up a little, I add a flower to whatever side of my head is more messy than the other.

2. FOR MY MAKEUP: I have to admit that I thouroughly enjoy doing my makeup. So most days I go out (...meaning, IF I go out, MOST of the time...) my face is usually pleasant. BUT, this is only because I can do my makeup in record time...5, maybe 10 minutes at the most, from moisturizer to finishing touches. I have found though, if I just don't have the time, if I can at LEAST put on my powder foundation, and maybe some blush to my cheeks, it brightens my face wonderfully. If I have a little more time, I add the mascara, and for a few more minutes, some eye shadow and liner can be contributed. But the best thing for your face, I hear, is a GREAT night's rest. I have issues with that, which might be the reason I do my makeup often. But I can imagine with some good sleep those dark, baggy circles under my eyes might go away...

SO. Those are my tricks. As for dressing myself, well, that's another story. I wish pajamas could be counted as clothing.

On days when I have a little more time because Wyatt takes an especially long nap (that was today, and it doesn't happen very often) I can usually experiment with my hair. And today I decided to curl it--which hasn't happened in over a year, so I thought it might be fun.

I forgot to take a BEFORE before picture, so here I am post-curling action...just waiting for the curls to set up (the experiment here is pinning the curls...I've never done that before, and it worked well!)
Gotta be proud of that face ;) I seriously look dead...or like I want to die soon...haha!
AND voila!! The hair comes down and the make-up is completed.

And I don't know how he does it, but Wyatt knows the EXACT moment I'm done. So he wakes up with perfect timing and I get a few shots with my darling love.


Anonymous said...

Rachael dear,

I'm pretty sure you look "AMAZINGLY hott" any time I've seen you out of the house.

Rachael and Jeff Downs said...

AHA, but how often do you see me? Haha ;) I do admit that if I have plans I will get myself all ready. But on any average day of the week, I usually don't...and dear anonymous...who are you? :)

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

I have seen you in every light of day and all the glories of just waking up and HELLO you always look great.

I bet you Jeff is on my side too, by the way.

Perla Maria said...

Beautiful I love how real you are Rachael.
I must say those are pretty awesome tips specially in the future for when I have kids.
You are such a hot mama..

Merkley Jiating said...

You look so cute! I agree, ME time is so necessary. If Alex takes a shorter nap than usually and I've had plans to do something during that nap, it ruins my attitude for the rest of the day. Or at least until he gives me a kiss. But it definitely makes me cranky!