Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's snow fun!!

...but really, it IS fun!!
Get it?'s SNOW FUN? Like, it's no fun? Haha?

Okay, I'll stop now.

ANYWAY, the few weeks prior to our arrival in Utah, my grandma had told us the weather was unseasonably warm and that there wasn't much snow because most of it had melted with the rain. Boo. I was really disappointed because I L O V E the snow.

Lucky for us though we got to drive through a storm on our way up and the night we arrived it snowed a few inches!!! Just for us! Awesome.
(But really, the drive was terrifying.)

SOOOOO, I got my snow. And all I really wanted it for was to show Wyatt. He's seen the snow before, but he's never been in it. The last time he saw it was a year ago and he was only a month and a half old...

*side note* Because we're from Arizona we've never had the need for snow boots. I remember being younger and having to wear plastic bags around my feet and crying because I thought it looked stupid. Thankfully Wyatt was a better sport and didn't even notice.
But let's be serious, he's stinkin' cute anyway ;)

I was trying to get him to actually PLAY with the snow...

...or maybe even taste it...

...but he wasn't really interested. He liked the icicles though!

And this kid LOVES the cold. He practically slept on top of the covers every night, and anytime we went outside he thought it was AMAZING. No crying from this little penguin.

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Curtis and Dani Welton said...

your hair is sooo long now!! How did it grow back so fast!?