Friday, January 7, 2011

Just for fun.

I've always thought it would be interesting to have my silhouette drawn. I remember seeing a shop in Disneyland a long time ago, so this last trip I made it a point to search out that shop and look into it.

When Jeff and I first walked passed it, and I asked him if he'd do it with me, he shrugged...
...which in Man Terms means, "PLEASE don't make me do it, but I will if you want."

So I decided not to. And we walked away.

But I kept thinking how fun it would be, so I asked him to walk back to it...and then he knew that I really wanted to have it done, so he gave in. When we arrived back at the front door, there was a family in the process of having theirs done, so Jeff got to watch. And that's what hooked him.

If you haven't seen the old lady in the rocking chair at Disneyland do this, it's amazing.

She doesn't draw anything.

No light, no shadow.

She does it FREEHAND. By CUTTING OUT what she sees. Paper and scissors, people.

Jeff was completely impressed. And of course he had to initiate a whole conversation about how she would possibly get into something like that...
It was cute.

How do you think it turned out??
(We both realized how big our noses really are, haha)


Ali and Andrew said...

I have 2 of those silhouettes!! And I'm gonna make Andrew get one done when we go in March. ;) And I might get another one done too! Hahahahaha they're very addicting! But you guys look adorable

jonnajack said...

I love them!! I see them all the time! Glad you got to get them done this time. So precious :)