Monday, January 3, 2011

Disneyland Christmas 2010

I haven't been to Disneyland since 2002, the summer before 8th's been a while. I was really excited when we found out we were going for Christmas because it meant I got to spend it with both Jeff and Wyatt--which turned out to be a whole new experience, and I loved it. The weather was absolutely perfect, besides Christmas night when we had to walk back to our hotel in the pouring rain (thankfully Wyatt was asleep and covered in his stroller--Jeff and I were soaked.) It was pretty busy, but with our fast passes and parent swaps combined, it was AWESOME. We had TONS of fun, and it was wonderful to have Wyatt along with us. I decided not to do multiple posts, so be prepared for a plethora of pictures...


The biggest Christmas tree I think I've ever seen...

I was pleasantly surprised how many rides Wyatt could actually go on. We actually went on more rides with him than not...

Nemo's submarine


Mr. Toads wild ride

It's a small world
...gotta represent ;)

Chirstmas morning was foggy and cold, but it warmed up later in the day...and then poured rain that night

These ears are actually Wyatt's

Wyatt wasn't at all afraid of the Disney characters! I was shocked. I remember crying the first time I met Mickey...

Toon Town

the babies

He's getting so big!!!

I don't remember ever going on the train that takes you around Disneyland, so for me this was a first. We all thought it was very fun, and VERY relaxing for our poor feet...

We had so much fun! I can't wait to go again!


Buck and Whitni Watkins said...

I am so jealous! but I am glad you had fun

jonnajack said...

I love Disneyland memories! Glad you got to create some :)

JeniLynn said...

Great pictures! I love Disneyland during Christmas time. I got to go 2 years ago during Christmas for work with the family I worked for in NY.

Wyatt is growing up so fast, he looks so big now. By the way, I love the train that goes around the park and I think of it as a ride. My favorite parts are the dinosaurs and going through Splash Mountain.

Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Rachael you cried with all stranger-related things when you were little. (Remember Primary talks? or is that too painful? haha. Wyatt must have inherited stranger tolerance from Jeff.

Disneyland is so awesome. I'm glad you got to go. I can't wait to take my little kids.