Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Eli James

To say this last week was FULL would be an understatement.

I'd been planning this trip since I'd found out my little sister was pregnant with her first baby...
...it was full of unknowns of course (because no one really knows when those babies will make their debut) so we decided to make it a mini-vacation and stay a whole week. And what was more perfect than getting away from the 90 degree Arizona weather to spend spring break up in cold, blustery Utah?
Grace was due on the 13th, which was in the middle of the week, but my mom flew up the Friday before, just in case.
Emma, my boys, and I drove up the following Monday, and then if everything went according to plan, Jeff and my dad would drive up that Friday to bless Eli on Sunday.

I couldn't believe it, but that sweet boy Eli came perfectly on time.

So after arriving on Monday night, and staying up until 3 the next morning (chatting, of course), Grace woke up a few hours later to consistent contractions. She woke us all up around 7 to let us know, and then decided to head to the hospital around 8. She wasn't sure if they would admit her (this being her first baby and not knowing how far along she might be) but it was decided it would be better to make the one-and-a-half-hour drive to the hospital earlier than later.

The rest of us stayed home to hear back from her first before we made our plans.

Haha, so we all got dressed and headed out, all very anxious and excited :)

The boys were SO TIRED and weren't looking forward so spending MORE time in the car (after the trip from the day before where they were stuck for 11 hours...)
...but they fell asleep within minutes of our trip...

And because the boys weren't allowed in the hospital, my grandparents watched them while I went with Emma and my mom. I was so thankful...

We waited in the hospital room for a few hours, taking pictures, making guesses...

(this picture isn't even the whole of it...there was another second window full of additional guesses...we received a lot of compliments and nurse spectators admiring the idea)

Grace got the epidural and after spending an hour at a 10, the nurses and doctor finally came in to start the process!! Grace even let Emma and I stay!

About to start pushing...

 ...and 25 minutes later at 6:08pm Eli James Headrick was born!!

When the doctor had broke her water earlier they'd found meconium in her fluid...they didn't seem too concerned, but they did let her know as soon as he was born they'd have to take him away to clean out his air passage before she could hold him...

He did really well, and hardly cried! 
He tipped the scale at 7lbs 14oz and was 20 inches long...

The new family of 3!

(I'm the favorite aunt, of course...)

 It was such an amazing experience and Grace did SO well!! Little Eli is the cutest thing ever and looks just like his Dad!! I can't wait to snuggle that little boy again!

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Noelle @ Mesa AZ Photography said...

Cute, sweet baby. It's so happy to have them come healthy and finally be able to enjoy the cuteness.