Saturday, March 2, 2013

new room...sort of.

Happy MARCH !!

Only 9 more months until Christmas!
Hahaha, just kidding!
...but seriously.

Anyway, I've reorganized the nursery, and made it more kid-friendly... in, the boys will now make it their play-room.

I was getting tired of the mess of toys, some downstairs, some upstairs...
...I wanted it to be organized and in one place!
So, while at Costco one day, I discovered this bookcase/bin/organizer and immediately knew I wanted it. I held off on buying it for a while, trying to see if I could find a better deal (but who was I kidding?? It's COSTCO!) and obviously, didn't. Jeff set it up that night, and I put all the toys in it aftewards...

(I may or may not have been up until the wee hours of the morning...)

Morning came...
...and Wyatt came upon it.
And demolished all my hard work.
And scattered across the room...
...whilst poor Logan sat in his crib, envious.

Wyatt and I had a little chat.
And cleaned it up.

My SIL Shannon made these for me, and I LOVE them...

And then, of course, the bins were emptied later that day, albeit less destructive than before, haha!

Buzz Lightyear and cooking...those are the favorites around our house...

And then, on a completely separate note, I found Jeff making Logan into a Johnny Appleseed today.
(that's a fruit-basket on his head...)

Also, enjoy this little sneak peak:

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