Friday, March 22, 2013


As previously mentioned, Grace and Eli were released from the hospital early, and while Emma, the boys and I were having adventures at the zoo, they returned safely to a quiet and non-rambunctious home (for a few hours anyway...)

I cannot get over his adorable little old-man faces!!

When we finally did arrive back at the apartment, the boys were very anxious to see Grace and James and this so-called baby Eli. Wyatt had been asking to see them for days now, and was the most interested in the newest addition. Logan was curious, but in a
sort of way...
 (don't mind their naked bodies...they'd been playing outside and needed a scrub)
 They were both really good at being gentle, although towards the end of our time there, Logan would just rub Eli's head like he was a puppy...product of my own doing--I'd take Logan's hand and gently caress Eli's hair and say "Be soft." 
...which is also what we say to him when he pets the dog...


...but they enjoyed the little baby Eli so much. Wyatt asked to give him kisses endlessly, and it was probably the sweetest thing ever.
(besides Eli, of course!)

We seriously could.not.get.enough.

I had a taste of what my life would be like with three kids!
(but not really...)

Grace and James, you did well :)

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