Wednesday, March 20, 2013

nothing, really.

The next day after Eli's birth (that's Wednesday, if you're keeping track), was mostly a lazy day. 
A day to catch up on nothing.
A vacation day, if you will.

Grace wouldn't be released from the hospital until Thursday night, so we spent time with our other family. We headed over to Grandma and Grandpa's house and played a little there, and then went over to my uncle's house for dinner...

(monkey see, monkey do)

 I left shortly thereafter to make it back home for bedtime, you know, that one-and-a-half drive back to Grace's apartment...
 (the boys hadn't been getting regular naps and had already been going to bed late anyway so their attitudes were suffering majorly...)

It was nice to be by myself with the boys for a little and actually get to bed on time...

...and on a completely different, random note, I have the best sisters!! They both really enjoy doing hair, and so any chance I get, I take full advantage of it!
Emma is really good at doing braids, and so that day I had her do this reverse braid across my head...
It turned out SO CUTE I had her do it the next day too, haha!

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